The Westinghouse Electric Corporation was founded on January 8th, 1886 by George Westinghouse in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Its industry was an electronics manufacturing and its headquarters were in Monroeville, Pennsylvania. It is currently known as the Westinghouse Electric Company which specializes in nuclear products and is headquartered in Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania. It was at some point located in Mansfield, Ohio.  

It had a Canadian subsidiary known as the Canadian Westinghouse Company, Ltd. that was based out of Hamilton, Ontario.  


Westinghouse Electric Company (1886-1889)

Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Company (1889-1945)

Westinghouse Electric Corporation (1945-)

Westinghouse Electric Company (1999-)


Laundromat Automatic Washer

Wash N' Dry Laundromat

Westinghouse One Sixty-Nine radio-phonograph (1947-1948)

Electric Range

Water Heater

Milk Cooler




Vacuum Cleaners

Beauty Tone lightbulb (Candlelight, Aqua) (60,75,100,150 watts)

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