The Petroleum Heat & Oil Company was founded in 1903 by M. A. Fessler in San Francisco, California. It's industry is domestic & industrial oil burning and it's current headquarters is in Stamford, Connecticut. In 1928, the company was located in New York City, New York. It was sold to Signal Oil & Gas in the 1960s. Soon after it was sold to a division of the R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company. It was purchased by the Sevin family in 1979. It merged with Star Gas Partners in 1999 who are now its partners.



Fess System Company (1903-1920)

Fess Rotary Oil Company (1903-1920)

Petroleum Heat & Oil Company (1920-?)

Petroleum Home Heating & Air Conditioning (?-)


Oil Heat

Guaranteed Oil Heat (1928)

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