The Hamilton Watch Company was founded in 1892 by Abram Bitner in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. It is a watch manufacturer. Its current headquarters are in Bienne, Switzerland and is currently owned by The Swatch Group, Limited.


Hamilton Watch Company (1892-1972)

HMW Industries (1972-)


Tonneau (1920-1970)

Square (?-?) (Existed in 1928)

The Timekeeper (1928)

Ladies' platinum watch set with 34 diamonds

Lynn (14K natural or white gold case)

Greta (14K natural or white gold case)

Myrtle (14K natural or white gold-filled case)

Frances (14K natural or white gold case)

Wesley (14K gold case)

Secometer "B" (10K gold-filled)

model "C" (14K gold)

What Makes a Fine Watch Fine? (1948-1949)

Lady Lancaster-109 (12 diamonds set in 14K white gold)

Elaine (14K gold-filled, bracelet)

Alice (14K gold-filled)

Donald (14K gold)

Hayden (14K gold-filled)

Myron (10K gold-filled)

A-6 (14K natural/white gold case, set with six diamonds)

Lana (14K natural/white gold case)

Gladys (10K natural/white gold-filled case)

Brock (14K natural gold case)

Piping Rock (14K natural gold case)


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