The General Electric Company was founded on April 24th, 1889 by Thomas Edison, Charles Coffin, Elihu Thomson, and Edwin Houston in New York City, New York. It's industry is conglomerate and its headquarters are in Fairfield, Connecticut.

It acquired the assets of Landers, Frary & Clark in 1965.

It owned the Hotpoint Company from 1927 to 2014.


Edison General Electric Company (1889-1892)

General Electric Company (1892-)


Telechron (1951-1979)


Furnace (Gas/Oil)

Oil Burner

Refrigerator (8-cu-ft, 10-cu-ft, De Luxe) (1927-)

Thinline Air Conditioner (At least 1956-1968)

Winter Air Conditioner

Steam & Dry Iron (1927-)

Musaphonic (At least 1940s to 1970s)

Exposure Meter (Type DW-58, Deluxe Type PR-1)

Automatic Blanket (At least 1941-At least 1956)

5-Cycle Filter-Flo Washer (Model WA-950S) (1955-1990s)

Automatic Dryer (1956-)

Electronic Reproducer (Model 326, Model 327)

Radio (Model 100, 101, 321, 110, 111)

Electronic Television (1927-1987)


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