The Campbell Soup Company was founded in 1868 by Joseph A. Campbell and Abraham Anderson in Bridgeton, New Jersey. Its current industry is food processing and its headquarters has been moved to Camden, New Jersey.


Anderson & Campbell Company (1869-1876)

Joseph Campbell & Company (1876-1882)

Joseph Campbell Preserving Company (1882-1900)

Joseph Campbell Company (1900-1921)

Campbell Soup Company (1921-)


Condensed Soup (1897-)

  • Vegetable
  • Vegetable-Beef
  • Tomato

Pork & Beans (1904-)

Tomato Juice (1938-)

Frozen Soup (1955?-)

Swanson Frozen Foods (1955-1998)

Franco-American Spaghetti (1915?-)

V-8 Vegetable Juice (1948-)


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