The Bell & Howell Company was founded on February 17th, 1907 by Donald Bell and Albert Howell in Chicago, Illinois. The company specializes in motion picture machinery manufacturing. Its headquarters is currently in Wheeling, Illinois. From 2003 to 2011, Bell & Howell was owned by Böwe Systec Inc. After 2011, it is now owned by Versa Capital Management.


It had a British subsidiary called Bell & Howell Company, Ltd. located in London, England.


Filmo 75 (1928-1933)

Filmo 70 (1923-1928)

Filmo 70-D (1923-1933)

Home Movies of the Better Kind (1928)

Filmo Sportster (1939-1952)

Filmo Auto Load (At least 1920s to 1940s)


Filmo Auto-8 Camera

Filmo Companion Camera

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